Herb Stuffed Snow Peas
Breakfast Affair: Bacon Wrapped
Sausage, Orange & Apple Coffee Cake,
Asaigo Wrapped Asparagus, Proscuitto
wrapped Bread Sticks w/ Fruit, Assorted
Quiches, Melon Balls and  Ham
Deviled Eggs & Fruit
Fresh Cut Friut Platter
Crudites Vegetables
Veggie Wrap
Stuffed Olives with Blue Cheese
Part of a Mexican Affair
The Picnic Luncheon Group
Picnic Salad
Basil Cheese Roulade
Mini Key Lime Tarts
Fruit with flavored topping
Assorted Cheese & Fruit
Fun Birthday Kids Tray
Small Cheese Plate
SignatureOlive Spread
Small Twin Cheese Plates
Pineapple Spread
Assorted Breakfast Breads
Deviled Eggs & Cheese
Super Sized Pinwheel Tray
Veggie Pasta Salad
Large Fruit Platter
Veggie Wraps
Large Vegetable Platter
Festive Pinwheel Platter

Cheeser's Palace Café
707 West Montrose St.
Historical Downtown Clermont, FL 34711
Breakfast & Lunch
Full Service Catering
Cheese and Chocolate Shop